Flight of Fancy

flight of fancy


Image credits : Eden Levi Am

flight of fancy


Invoking the imagination to develop new forms of perception and anti-disciplinary knowledge

The activation of a not-anymore-conscious and the projection towards a not-yet-here~not quite conscious

Not the dreaming of possible futures, but a desire for a utopian future that reshapes our present realities

A spatial and temporal destination freed from hierarchical binaries

An attention to the instinctive, the irrational, the unconscious, the somatic and what energetically escapes from our bodies

An appeal to the subjective, the personal, the biographical

An adventure into opaque and slippery zones with undefined contours and unpredictable consequences

Projects that contaminate, hybridize and mutate through the creation of connections, bonds, networks, regional and transnational cosmologies that are evolving and adaptable

The sharing of perspectives, intentions, intuitions, desires and hopes

A journey in and out of ourselves

Key references: Sara Ahmed, Dona Haraway, José Esteban Muñoz, Adrian Piper

« Essaie de te souvenir. Ou, à défaut, invente ».
Monique Wittig, Les Guérillères, Les éditions de Minuit, 1969

Conversation with Roxane Bovet for the Centre d’art Contemporain, Geneva : https://5e.centre.ch/fr/words/episode-6-flight-of-fancy/

flight of fancy is a nomadic curatorial project launched by Alicia Reymond in 2019.